Mothers: A Reason to Keep on Fighting

As I get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day with my children and grandchildren, I cannot help but think of the hundreds of thousands of women for whom this day is not a time to celebrate the joys of motherhood.

Instead of enjoying their child’s embrace, those women will be thinking about what and who might have been—how their lives would be different.

For those women, Mother’s Day may be one of the hardest of the year.

My heart goes out to those women, it breaks for them. Those mothers—because they always will be mothers—had their children ripped away from them, somehow convinced that abortion would “solve the problem.” I hope you will join me in taking just a minute of time on bended knee today to pray for them that they might find comfort in God’s healing power and love.

The horror of abortion does not extend only to the innocent unborn children, the thousands who have their lives snuffed out by abortion each day, but also to their mothers.  Hundreds of thousands of mothers who’ve had their lives radically changed, who’ve been lied to and taken advantage of by the abortion industry, led by groups like Planned Parenthood.

That’s why I am in this fight, not only for the precious innocents, but for their mothers also.

And it’s thanks to the support of SBA List activists and donors across the country that I find myself able to continue with such determination. Not only are we changing hearts and minds, but the SBA List is working to change the face of leadership in our country, and enact laws that protect both child and mother from the horror of abortion.

Thank you for your support of the Susan B. Anthony List. I tell you, I could not be more encouraged by what’s happening in Washington right now and with what lies ahead. Hearts in our country are being moved. Poll after poll shows that an ever-growing majority of Americans are pro-life – especially our youth. And we will fight tirelessly until this longing for a Culture of Life is reflected in our nation’s leadership and laws.

For the sake of every woman suffering with the effects of abortion and for each and every precious unborn boy and girl, we will carry on until abortion ends in our country.

One day, Mother’s Day will truly be a time that all mothers can celebrate the precious gift of Life with their children.

— fmr. Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave, Project Director, SBA List Votes Have Consequences

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