North Carolina Pro-Life legislation

Yesterday the North Carolina Senate passed the Safe Harbor for Victims of Sex Trafficking Bill (SB 683) and the Health and Safety Changes Act (SB 353).  Both bills are wonderful accomplishments for women, children, and families in North Carolina and show building pro-life momentum for the rest of the country!

SB 683 increases protection for victims of and imposes more punishments on the perpetrators of sex trafficking.  The passage of this bill also stipulates that minors involved with sex trafficking will be treated as victims.  SB 353 ensures that abortion facilities will have commonsense medical safety standards to protect women’s health, bans sex-selection abortions (usually carried out against unborn baby girls), and it disallows taxpayer funding of abortion.  SB 353 also defends healthcare workers and hospitals in refusing to perform abortions due to their moral beliefs.

SB 353 will protect women’s health and ensure their safety.  Within the last year, a health department investigation of a clinic in Charlotte exposed the facility as “an imminent threat to the health and safety of patients,” with “dead insects, blood splatters, and dirty surgical instruments inside.”  SB 353 works to prevent these types of clinics from operating, and it is only right.  Women deserve better than these atrocious conditions. 

Truly this is a great moment for North Carolina!  Women’s health will be further protected, the rights of ethical and religious beliefs are being preserved, and ultimately lives of women and children will be saved.  This passage further exemplifies the fact that the tide is turning.  More pro-life legislation is passing as the truth about the dark business of abortion is revealed.  In noting the passage of the legislation, Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser lauded the North Carolina legislators, saying that “They stand for the dignity and safety of all women, not the profit-driven abortion industry.”  SB 353 does just that, it stands for the dignity of women. 

A huge thank-you goes out to the legislators of North Carolina who courageously work to uphold a culture of life, and we eagerly await the signature of the governor, signing these bills into law.    

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