Planned Parenthood Leaving Rehoboth Beach

Planned Parenthood is lacking popularity among residents in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware as the clinic has now been forced to close down its facilities due to a shortage of business. Though the Rehoboth Beach clinic did not directly do abortions, they did offer STD testing and birth control.


Vice President of public affairs of Planned Parenthood in Delaware, Emily Knearl told the XYZ News organization that, “Planned Parenthood is saddened by the closure and hopes to offer sexual and reproductive health services again in Sussex County” and that they are informing residents of other places to go for similar services. One employee at the clinic in Rehoboth Beach, Carrie Keane, said they did not have medical staff on site and that the financial problems forced them to close.


The most recent closure is just a natural progression of more and more Americans waking up to the truth that Planned Parenthood is an abortion-centered business that does NOT have the best interest of women and young girls at heart. Delaware is only one of many states who –either by legislative action or sheer lack of business — have forced Planned Parenthood clinics to close. It looks like from Louisiana to Texas, Arizona, Florida, and California (all states where clinics have shut down)– hearts and minds are changing and Life is winning.

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