Planned Parenthood’s aggressively liberal sexual philosophy

Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director, recently spoke on the O’Reilly Factor to confirm the type of illicit and hideous activities like the ones shown in the recent Live Action films also happened where she had worked, and that they happened “all the time.” Johnson suggested that Planned Parenthood workers may not even realize what they are doing because of their employer’s philosophy of ultra-liberal sexual “tolerance.”

It is shocking to find out how Planned Parenthood encourages teaching young minds about things that they are still not even close to experiencing, and to treat it as commonplace. Examples of what Planned Parenthood’s “Tools for Parents” includes:

Children from ages 5-7 are supposed to know “that all people are sexual”, that the life cycle “includes sexuality at all ages” and that “people experience sexual pleasure in a number of different ways”. It gets more disturbing. When they’re 8-12 years old, Planned Parenthood claims children should fully comprehend:

  • how to talk about and practice safer sex
  • what sex work is and why it’s dangerous for young women and young men
  • that no one has to become a parent
  • that birth control methods — including emergency contraception — can prevent pregnancy
  • how to talk about birth control and what some of the methods are
  • how to get birth control
  • what abortion is

It is ironic that Planned Parenthood raises an importance of the “how dangerous” sex work is, given the fact that Planned Parenthood employees been caught complying with and even supporting the alleged sex trafficking of girls as young as fourteen.

How could parents complain about their children’s behavior after these measures? Telling a 12-year-old how to get birth control is like placing irresponsibility in a box with a ribbon on top. But of course, for Planned Parenthood this only means more revenue.

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