Record-Breaking Attendance at Canada's March for Life!

On May 10th in Ottawa, Canada, almost 20,000 pro-lifers rallied on Parliament Hill to show their support for the pro-life movement.  Sponsored by the Campaign Life Coalition, the attendance record exceeded expectation and broke last year’s previous record of 15,300 to 19,500! 

According to our friends at, in May 1969, the nation’s Parliament passed Trudeau’s Omnibus Bill that struck down abortion laws and stripped away protection from Canada’s unborn children. Then, in January 1988, the nation’s abortion law was struck down from the Criminal Code by the Supreme Court of Canada resulting in full legal abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy. Since the pass of the Trudeau’s Omnibus Bill, 4 million children have been aborted in Canada.     

The rally started at 12 noon on Parliament Hill and the crowd marched through the streets that afternoon.  It was said that members of Parliament even joined in the rally of the pro-life advocates.  In defense, the pro-choice crowd numbered about 75.  Ottawa’s mayor, Jim Watson, who identifies as pro-choice, found no problem with the demonstration. 

Through the tremendous turnout of the rally and youth conference, hopefully the participants made an impact on Watson and other citizens who are pro-choice.  The passion of pro-life advocates can change hearts and minds!  Nice work, Campaign Life Coalition!

Watch the great promo video the Campaign Life Coalition created for the march!


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