Women Speak For Themselves

Yesterday, Women Speak For Themselves held a rally in Lafayette Park, right in front on the White House, to protest the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Mandate that forces businesses and institutions to provide abortion-inducing drugs to their employees through health insurance.  The major theme of the rally was religious freedom, protesting the government’s attempt to force religious institutions to violate their consciences by providing drugs and services to which they morally object to their employees.

 This mandate is a direct violation of our first freedoms, namely the freedom of religion, and is explicitly pro-abortion.  By calling life-ending drugs “necessities,” government is bringing us to a new level of callousness towards life.  Making abortion-inducing drugs readily available as a form of “health care” also further commodifies sex and the new life that may be created.  This is sad and disappointing.  The mandate – and in essence the Department of Health and Human Services – puts no value on life and is truly waging a war on mother- and fatherhood in addition to religious freedoms and conscience.

 Women deserve better than abortion and abortion-inducing drugs, and those gathered as a part of the Women Speak For Themselves movement recognize this.  Women should not be forced to accept such low standards of “health care,” especially drugs and procedures which violate their conscience.

 Women Speak For Themselves is made up of women across the country committed to spreading the truth about the HHS Mandate, and ensuring that the voice of those who object to it is heard.  Please consider signing on at www.womenspeakforthemselves.com!


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