Your Presence is Powerful on December 5, 2011

720 deaths in one year, in one city, in one office, performed by one “doctor” – rather staggering statistics.  Are you going to sit by while the death toll rises?  Last December, Leroy Carhart began his weekly travels from Nebraska to Maryland to perform late-term abortions at Germantown Reproductive Health Services in Germantown, MD. Since then, 720 lives have been taken and countless women and families have been hurt through the death of these innocent babies.   Carhart, his wife Mary Lou and multiple staff members routinely show up Monday mornings at their office in Germantown Executive Park to terminate the lives of young children in their mother’s womb. 

This December marks the one year anniversary of Carhart’s presence in Germantown, MD.  To remember the lives that have been lost and to stand up for the rights of those whose lives may be ended by Carhart there will be a memorial in Germantown, MD at the site of the abortion facility on December 5th from 8am-10am.  If you are in the DC, VA, or MD area please consider joining the many to Stand for LIFE. A peaceful witness will be held, with no graphic images, only the testimony of hundreds and perhaps thousands of people of all ages who will stand for the unborn. 

If you are not able to attend due to your location, please pray for those who will be there and encourage friends and relatives who live in the DC, VA and MD area to join in this rally and memorial for the children who were cruelly killed.

The video below is very inspiring and reminds one of how great the problem of abortion truly is  – 4000 babies killed every day in the United States alone!  Can YOU stand up for those lives that have already been lost, will you be the voice and representative for those babies who could not speak and were killed this past year in Germantown?

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