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Abortion, GOP

Virginia will be a bellwether for Republicans to flip the script on abortion

Marjorie Dannenfelser | October 30, 2023

Gov. Glenn Youngkin is Virginia’s happy Republican warrior, and for good reason. In a state that has voted blue in every presidential…

Abortion, Maternal Health

No, pro-life laws aren’t to blame for “maternity care deserts.”

SBA team | October 6, 2023

Leave it to corporate media to make the simple complicated and the complicated simplistic. Once again, NBC is pushing a…


How a key OB-GYN org is deliberately confusing doctors and endangering patients

Ingrid Skop | September 28, 2023

From the first time I experienced the miracle of birth, I knew I had found my calling as an obstetrician…

Abortion, Democrats

Kamala Harris and Democrats’ abortion viability smokescreen

SBA team | September 15, 2023

At SBA Pro-Life America we often hear the myth that Roe v. Wade allowed for limits on abortion after viability, when a…

Abortion, Democrats

Jen Psaki keeps doing her best to cover up Democrats’ awful abortion secret

Emily Erin Davis | September 1, 2023

After the first GOP presidential debate, it took no time for former Biden staffer turned MSNBC pundit Jen Psaki to…

2024 Election, Abortion, Democrats

Dissent on Abortion? Not Anymore for Democrats – ‘Get in Line or Get Out’

Emily Erin Davis | August 24, 2023

During a visit to the Iowa State Fair recently, Democrat presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told NBC reporter Ali…


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