Dannenfelser on Redstate: Defund Planned Parenthood. Now.

This post originally appeared online at Redstate on March 11, 2011.

Defund Planned Parenthood. Now.

From the diaries by Neil. A strong, simple message that can’t really be said enough.

At a press conference today, President Obama said,

“You know, if Republicans are interested in social issues that they want to promote, they should put a bill on the floor of the House and promote it, have an up-or-down vote, send it over to the Senate. But don’t try to use the budget as a way to promote a political or ideological agenda.”

President Obama is wrong.

During a time of fiscal crisis, everything should be on the table for spending cuts, especially an embattled, scandal-ridden corporation like Planned Parenthood. There must be no sacred cows.

The American people are watching closely not only how much Washington is cutting, but what they are cutting.

If Congress can’t cut off taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood, a willing partner of the exploitation of women and young girls, then how can it be serious about cutting spending anywhere else?

Planned Parenthood must be defunded in all Continuing Resolution bills moving forward. This is non-negotiable.

The three-week Continuing Resolution released by the House GOP this afternoon doesn’t do it, and it must be opposed.

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