Unlicensed Texas Planned Parenthood Clinics Might Be Shut Down

The Texas state health department has asked to shut down four San Antonio-based Planned Parenthoods that it says are operating without proper medical licenses. The CEO of Planned Parenthood in San Antonio said that the Planned Parenthoods only used the dangerous abortion drug RU-486, but “did not do abortions.” Texas law, however, requires that Planned Parenthoods be licensed for all abortions, whether drug-induced or surgically done.

“In addition to the unlicensed abortion facilities, the DSHS investigation found that five additional Planned Parenthood facilities have violated Texas law. The letter also states that the DSHS staff is conducting an investigation at a licensed Planned Parenthood facility in San Antonio that may result in ‘enforcement action’,” says LifeNews.

Texas state legislators have called for an investigation into Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood currently receives $10 million in family planning money and some lawmakers are suggesting that these problems should result in budget cuts for the abortion business. Legislators could vote as early as Friday when the budget comes up for debate on the state House floor.

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