Palin Shares New Intimate Details, Defends Blessing of Children with Special Needs

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin spoke in Evansville Indiana last night at the Vanderburgh County Right to Life banquet.  there she offered some revealing insight into her experience with the birth of her youngest son Trig, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  Palin relates her story of grace and compassion, and offers a great illustration of her personal and inspirational pro-life leadership to all Americans.

Key Excerpts:

“My name was Sarah, but my husband’s name wasn’t Abraham.  His name is Todd!”

“I wasn’t sure if my heart would hold what this baby would need.  So I prayed that my heart would be filled up — what else did I have?  — I had to call upon my faith and ask that my heart be filled up.  And I’ll tell you, from the moment he was born, I knew for sure that my prayer was answered.  And my heart overflowed with joy.”

“And I tell you this for a reason.  I felt a love I hadn’t felt before and a compassion I didn’t even know was there.  Trig is a miracle, and he has brough amazing and surprising happiness, and great, great perspective.”

“I want other women to give this a chance, and experience this — this that can make their lives better, not inconvenienced or burdened, but if they give it a chance, it can make their lives better.  And it can make an adoptive family’s life better.

“Children are meant as perfect gifts, not as burdens.  They are truly the most precious ingredient in this world, and that is what you are reminding us.”

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