SBA Statement on Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Campaign

For Immediate Release: May 24, 2023
Contact: [email protected]

Washington, D.C.Today the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America responded as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared his candidacy for president:

“Ron DeSantis has continually delivered for the people of Florida, transforming the Sunshine State from a late-term abortion haven to one of the best states in the nation for unborn children and mothers. His record proves that going on offense works to defeat pro-abortion extremists, and he does not back down from a worthy fight, whether it is standing up for parents’ right to protect their children or safeguarding unborn babies when their hearts are beating and when they can feel pain,” said SBA Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser.

“In the 2024 presidential contest, it is critical that pro-life candidates show bold leadership and lay out a clear policy platform in contrast to their opponents who support abortion on demand up until birth, paid for by taxpayers. The pro-life movement is looking for a national defender of life who will proudly advocate a minimum national standard to protect unborn children from painful abortions at least by 15 weeks – a standard backed by 72% of Americans – and who will work tirelessly to build consensus and gather the votes necessary in Congress. We look forward to DeSantis and all contenders further outlining their pro-life vision and platform as the primary unfolds.”

Protecting unborn babies at a point when they feel pain is popular with American voters, and 47 out of 50 European countries limit abortion by 15 weeks or earlier. Protecting babies with beating hearts is also a winning policy in Florida and has substantial support nationwide. A recent Harvard-Harris national poll found that signing the Heartbeat Protection Act increases DeSantis’ net favorability with GOP voters, with 35% saying it increased their likelihood of voting for him. Earlier this year a Ragnar poll showed that 62% of likely Florida voters back the Heartbeat Protection Act. Support is highest among Hispanics at 76%. Sixty-one percent of Independents also support the measure as well as 58% of women.

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America is a network of more than one million pro-life Americans nationwide, dedicated to ending abortion by electing national leaders and advocating for laws that save lives, with a special calling to promote pro-life women leaders.


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