Unborn Babies & Their Mothers Protected in Arizona – for Now

For Immediate Release: April 9, 2024
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AZ Supreme Court Upholds Law Protecting 11,000 Lives Annually From Abortion Violence, but Extreme Pro-Abortion Amendment Must Be Defeated

Phoenix, Ariz. – Arizona’s unborn children will be protected throughout pregnancy under today’s ruling from the state Supreme Court.

Like every state with strong pro-life laws, Arizona’s law allows timely and necessary care for pregnant women in an emergency.

SBA Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser issued the following statement on the win:

“We celebrate this enormous victory for unborn children and their mothers. Reinstating Arizona’s pro-life law will protect more than 11,000 babies annually at all stages of pregnancy while providing an exception for the life of the mother. This includes babies who have heartbeats, babies who can feel pain, and babies who can smile and suck their thumbs. Today’s state Supreme Court decision is a major advancement in the fight for life in Arizona.

“The compassion of the pro-life movement won in court today, but we must continue to fight. While Republicans have passed bills to ensure that babies born alive after failed abortions receive medical care and stepped up their support for programs that provide life-affirming help for pregnant moms facing homelessness, pro-abortion Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed born-alive protections and her administration has attacked and defunded pro-life safety net providers.

“Governor Hobbs and her pro-abortion allies will pour millions into deceiving the voters about the upcoming amendment that permits abortion on demand when babies can feel pain and survive outside the womb. We must defeat this extreme measure that would force Arizonans to pay for abortions and eliminate health protections for women.”

According to the court’s decision, Arizonans have the ability to protect life through state laws. With the ruling going into effect in 14 days, the abortion industry is likely to sue.

Arizona’s abortion ballot measure would:

  • Permit unrestricted, unregulated abortion at any time in pregnancy by allowing a “treating health care professional” (the abortionist who directly profits) using “good faith judgment” to carry out abortions of babies who could survive outside the womb, if they subjectively deem it necessary for the mother’s mental or physical health.
  • Remove longstanding health and safety standards, like parental consent, informed consent, and inspections of abortion facilities.
  • Force Arizonans to pay for abortions, even second and third trimester abortions after the baby can feel pain, and abortion tourism from out of state.


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