Virginia Opts Out of Obamacare Abortion Funding

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SBA List Demands VA Governor Hopeful Terry McAuliffe State his Position on Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) praised Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and the Virginia state legislature for passing an amendment to bar abortion coverage by insurers participating in the planned federal health exchange in the state. The SBA List also demanded that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe share with the public his position on taxpayer-funded abortion in the Commonwealth.

“Today is a victory for the majority of Virginia taxpayers who do not want their tax dollars paying for abortions,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “The SBA List is grateful for the leadership of Governor McDonnell in ensuring Virginia taxpayers are not forced to pay for abortions in the state’s health care exchange.

“Virginia voters deserve to know where Terry McAuliffe stands on taxpayer funding of abortion. This commonsense amendment was opposed by his top political allies, Planned Parenthood and NARAL. The voters deserve to know if he stands with them, or with the big abortion lobby.”

Previously the SBA List called on McAuliffe to state his position on the amendment. Last month, McAuliffe’s campaign was asked by the Washington Post to confirm or deny his stance on abortion as being one of supporting “a platform of abortion on-demand at any time, for any reason, paid for by Virginia taxpayers,” including “sex-selective abortion, late-term abortion, partial-birth abortion, and abortions on teenage girls without parental consent – all paid for by Virginia tax payers.” McAuliffe spokesman Josh Schwerin declined to comment to the Post.

According to the Charlotte Lozier Institute, at least 20 states have prohibited abortion coverage in plans offered through their state or federal exchanges. The SBA List mobilized thousands of Virginia women and men this week in support of the amendment.

The Susan B. Anthony List and its affiliated Political Action Committees, the SBA List Candidate Fund and Women Speak Out PAC, are dedicated to pursuing policies and electing candidates who will reduce and ultimately end abortion. To that end, the SBA List emphasizes the education, promotion, mobilization, and election of pro-life women at all levels of government.  The SBA List is a network of more than 365,000 pro-life Americans nationwide.




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