College Students and Upcoming Elections

As the Midterm elections close in, who can truly make this “The Year of the Pro-life Woman?”

Simple: Pro-life College Students.

College students are notorious for rebelling against the status quo, and advocating for social justice. Abortion has not only been the status quo in the United States for over 37 years, but the pro-abortion politicians in Congress are also becoming the status quo.

Now why put so much faith in college voters making a Pro-life difference in the upcoming elections? They confront what is considered the “norm,” whether it be as ridiculous as “who says I can’t dye my hair green” or as serious as “Why are there children in America without homes?” Or even “Why is abortion still legal?”

Yes, they are actually asking this question. According to the May 3-6 Gallup poll  47% of college age (18-29) Americans consider themselves pro-life versus the 45% that call themselves “pro-choice.” (Lifenews) They represent a powerful new wave in the Pro-life Movement because not only are they passionately pro-life, but also most of them are first time voters. They have made no commitment to any political agenda in previous elections. This makes them a potentially powerful Pro-life force. The only major obstacle is getting them to the polls on Election Day. However, if they are well informed on how powerful/important their vote is, they will come.

College Students may be the missing piece to making “The Year of the Pro-life Woman” a reality.

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