DC Abortion Fund Covers Up Sexual Abuse, Provides Underage Abortions

The DC Abortion Fund (DCAF), an organization that helps fund abortions, has put out disturbing information in its latest annual report, including its use of legal technicalities to cover up incest and rape, as well as providing late-term abortions, and abortions to minors.

According to Bound4Life’s blog, one of the most shocking stories from the DCAF’s report involved its covering up of a sex crime in the case of a 19-year-old who had been raped by her father, and was 18 weeks pregnant. She couldn’t use her Virginia Medicaid to pay for the abortion without filing a police report, so DCAF helped her circumvent the law by sending her into another state and funding a small part of the abortion, effectively hiding the crime.

As the article points out, “That a place that exists to help fund abortions would help pay for one is not shocking, but that they would use a year end report to brag about how they helped cover a father who raped his daughter is shameful. In a sense, this protects the assailant, allowing a rapist, arguably of the worst kind, a father who rapes his daughter, go free.” Thanks to DCAF’s “help,” not only has the young woman, Camille, lost her baby, who is innocent of any crime, but the real criminal, her father, will suffer no consequences and is left free to abuse poor Camille once again.

Sadly, the DCAF is not just one organization, but part of a whole network of organizations, the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), devoted to doing such damage to women as covering up rape, providing late-term abortions, and abortions to children under 18. The DCAF in particular brags about its late-term abortions, including its work with abortionist Leroy Carhart, notorious for killing viable babies, botching multiple abortions, and killing at least one woman in the process. In fact, the DCAF gives priority to women coming from out of state whose babies are second-term or older.

In addition, the DCAF reports that 10.5% of their patients were under 18. This should raise even more concerns of abuse, rape, lack of parental consent, and whether the DCAF is abetting more criminals or undermining parental rights in helping to kill the babies of these minors.

The DCAF claims to “help” women, but in truth, it only hurts them by killing their children and hiding any crimes, giving the criminals more power to continue their abuse. Victims of such abuse, minors, and all women with crisis pregnancies need real help, the kind provided by pregnancy care centers who will provide the woman with the care she truly needs, and welcome the child with love.

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