Highlights from the 2015 Campaign for Life Gala

Last week the Susan B. Anthony List hosted our 8th annual Gala and Summit!

SBA List Summit

Senator Rand Paul kicked off the SBA List Summit. Here’s an excerpt from his remarks, which you can watch at the  video below. 

“Now some have said to me, they’ve said, ‘Well, you’re big on all this liberty stuff, why do you want to restrict a woman’s right to choose?’ And I say, “Well, you know what, the government does have some role in our lives. One of the main roles the government has is to restrict you from harming another individual.’ Which gets us back to the original debate, when life beings there is a role for state. So it’s not that I’m against people choosing things, I’m in fact one of the biggest believers in choice and liberty, but you can’t have liberty if you don’t protect where your liberty originates from and that’s your right to life.”
— Sen. Rand Paul

We also heard from Rep. Steve King and Rep. Chris Smith.

SBA List Gala

Later in the evening at the SBA List Gala, after cracking a few jokes, our keynote speaker Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spoke very movingly about the need to advance the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and to aggressively take on the other side’s abortion extremism.

“I’m not here to judge people who disagree with me. I’m here to stand up for what I believe, and I really do believe we are on the right side of history. This debate is long overdue and it is going to be a joy. It is not going to be a burden. And I am going to do it with a smile on my face, and love in my heart…The only thing I am going to do is to ask the other side to do a little soul search and to tell me why, in 2015, abortion on demand, five months into pregnancy, makes us a better country.” — Sen. Lindsey Graham

Speaking about the differences between the two political parties, Sen. Graham said:

“The voice for the unborn resides in our party almost exclusively. And for that I am sad. To our pro-life Democrats: you should have a very special place in Heaven.”

Mistress of ceremonies Carly Fiorina also brought up the Democratic Party platform of abortion on-demand:

“Here is what is says: any abortion, anytime, at any point during a woman’s pregnancy, for any reason, to be paid for by taxpayers. Now there are Democrats who want to add, ‘to be performed by a non-doctor.’ This policy has been succinctly summarized by Democrats, such as Barbara Boxer, as ‘it isn’t a life until it leaves the hospital’…Do you agree with that? Nobody agrees with that!” — Carly Fiorina

We also heard from SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), the recipient of the Marilyn Musgrave Defender of Life Award.

And RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, recipient of our Distinguished Leader Award.

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