Meet President Obama's New Chief of Staff (Though You'll Wish You Hadn't)

President Barack Obama announced his new White House chief of staff yesterday, former commerce secretary William Daley. Daley comes from the Chicago machine that has produced many pro-abortion leaders, including Obama himself and Daley’s predecessor, Rahm Emmanuel. Daley is the brother of current Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

Daley will no doubt be a lobbyist within the White House for the abortion industry, much like Emmanuel, who had a 0% rating as a congressman from National Right to Life. As notes, the chief of staff position “is a key policy position with an advisory role that often equals or surpasses that of the vice president.”

Back in April 2009, during the controversy surrounding President Obama’s trip to Notre Dame University, Daley went out of his way to call out and criticize Cardinal Francis George, the Archbishop of Chicago. George had urged Catholics and pro-life activists “‘to call, to e-mail, to write letters” about the ‘extreme embarrassment’ the University of Notre Dame caused by inviting President Barack Obama.”

In a public letter to Archbishop George, Daley called his stand “an embarrassment to Chicago Catholics,” one that “furthers the divide between the church, its members and the rest of America.”

Daley stated that “American Catholics are divided over the difficult moral issues of stem-cell research and abortion. It’s important that students, and Catholics generally, be exposed to people with different ideas and ways of thinking.”

Daley referred to President Obama as a man with strong moral character who has devoted his life to public service, despite the fact that “he could have put his Harvard law degree to more selfish pursuits.”

Daley went on to say that “Cardinal George’s position continues a worrisome pattern in which the Catholic hierarchy in America is mixing religion with politics. It has seemingly lost sight of the difference between a moral nation and a religious one.”

Daley’s letter is an embarrassment  to himself. Daley can’t respect his own church for holding true to one of its most fundamental beliefs. He sold out his Catholic faith, publicly, in order to defend one of the most pro-abortion politicians in American history. Now Daley has received his reward – chief of staff of the White House. A White House which has sold out millions of unborn lives for the financial support of Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups. 

If Daley wants to give lectures on who has or has not led selfish careers, he should look in the mirror.

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