More Polls Show Americans Support Protecting Babies After 20 weeks

Two polls are out this morning showing the majority of Americans support efforts to end abortion on-demand after the fifth month of pregnancy, or 20 weeks. The polls also show that women are more likely to back these efforts than men.

  • An ABC News/WaPo poll shows that Americans back this legislation by a 29-point margin, with 56% supporting and 27% opposing. The poll also shows 60% support among women, versus 53% support among men. The poll also showed a majority of Hispanics consider themselves pro-life.
  • Meanwhile, a WSJ/NBC News poll shows that a plurality of Americans would back efforts by their respective state legislatures to end abortion at 20 weeks by a 7-point margin, 44% to 37%. The poll also noted that “more women than men supported the state bans,” and that “even college-educated women, a group that strongly supports abortion rights, tipped toward favoring the 20-week restrictions.” Finally, the poll noted, “passion for the issue is highest among those who oppose abortion rights.”

These two polls come on the heels of a poll conducted by The Huffington Post showing that Americans back ending abortion at 20 weeks by a 29 point margin, and a National Journal poll showing similar results, including majority support among independents, young Americans, and women.

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