Video: Pro-Life Men Stand Up for Life, Speak Against "Bro-Choice" Movement

Recently, numerous young men, myself among them, participated in a video produced by Counter Cultured.  The goal was to show that although some men view legal, unregulated late-term abortion as essential to their sex lives, not all of us think it’s ok to use women and then advocate for abortion instead of responsibility if we conceive a child.  While the left has, for decades, tried mightily to use the issue of abortion to start a war between the genders, pro-lifers understand the complementary roles that men and women can play in protecting and nurturing life.  Not all women see abortion as the ultimate form of female empowerment; not all men see it as the path to a better sex life.  Indeed, the most recent polling shows that the two genders’ views on abortion are basically the same.  (Women are slightly more likely to favor banning abortions after 20 weeks.)   I was happy to be a part of this project, and to join with other young men in speaking up for preborn children.    

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