Pregnancy Centers Under Attack

LifeNews reported today that infamous abortionist Alberto Hodari is in trouble again. In a heartbreaking interview with local station WJRT, Caitlin Bruce says that at age 18 and at six months pregnant, she was forced into aborting her child—even after she had told the doctor to stop.  Bruce said that a staff member forced her to remain still and held their hand over her mouth as she screamed out.

Bruce said that she changed her mind about abortion her baby when the nurse showed her the ultrasound image and pointed out the heart flickering
Bruce told a news reporter her ordeal, saying:

“He told his assistant, you know, ‘Hold her down.’ You know? They had my arm pinned, his weight was all on my chest, and then he took his hand and he had it so tight on my mouth that it was muffled…I was screaming and crying. It felt like they were ripping a life out of me.”

This shocking story is an example of the value and importance of pro-life pregnancy centers—places where women are shown ALL of the options, and abortion is not seen as just a default “solution.” Right now, across the country pregnancy centers are under attack. In the state of Maryland, both in Montgomery County and in Baltimore city, local legislative efforts are underway to force pregnancy centers to post signs saying that they do not provide abortion services.  Hefty fines will be the price for those centers that fail to comply.

This type of regulation is not only unnecessary, but a clearly biased attempt to silence pro-life options for women.  Crisis pregnancy centers exist to help women, usually disadvantaged women, with the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs that surround an unexpected pregnancy. Many work in cooperation with other public clinics to provide for the needs of poor pregnant women.

In Montgomery County, Maryland for example, the Centro Tepeyac welcomes 500-600 clients per year referred from public clinics. The women, many of whom are immigrants, receive free pregnancy tests, as well as step by step help in completing paperwork to establish residency, work, and paternity documents. Thanks to generous donations from the community, the Centro Tepeyac is also able to provide clients with layettes, formula, baby furniture, and diapers. The center even partners with other agencies that provide housing assistance, medical and dental care, legal and domestic violence assistance.

Sure sounds like a place that needs government interference, huh?

Right now, localities in Maryland are targeting local pregnancy centers for one reason only—their firm pro-life message.

Why else should clean, efficient and welcoming pregnancy centers, staffed with college-educated, multi-lingual professionals be targeted?

Pro-abortion legislators, backed by the big abortion machine, don’t like pregnancy centers taking away from their lucrative blood business. People still buying the line that abortionists are in the business of helping women—rather than making money—need to take a closer look at Caitlin Bruce’s story. Abortion hurts women.

Montgomery County, Maryland activists can find contact information for their representatives here.

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