RNC Chairman Candidate, Reince Priebus, Expresses Pro-Life Positions in SBA Interview

Reince Priebus

What is your position, how was your position shaped and what experience do you have? 

 I believe we all have to live mission driven lives.  Certainly we all try to please God.  I’m a 100% Psalm 139 pro-life republican.  I support our Republican platform which I think is rock solid on the issue of abortion.  I believe Life beings absolutely at the time of  conception so every question after that then you believe the Declaration of Independence, the 14th Amendment, the Equal Protection Clause protects that independent human life.  If we start there then every single question after that is really easy.  That’s where I start when I think of the issue of abortion. 

 My Christian faith is the foundation of my view on the issue of abortion.  My opinion and view of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution shapes my opinion on the issue of abortion.  I was involved in a Care Net crisis pregnancy center in Kenosha, WI.  I helped them get implemented in a town called Racine, WI all in the SE area of Wisconsin which I think is a great place and a safe harbor for women facing difficult situations where pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, food and diapers and an opportunity to share the love of Christ with people who are in real trouble and making some tough decisions.

 As Chair what will you do differently than current and past administrations on the issues of Life.  Will you highlight the issue in political advertisements and the institution of the RNC?

 Certainly.  It is a core principle of mine and it is woven in my heart and I believe that as a person of faith I have an obligation on that basis let alone being in a position of some authority in the party.  I think I’ve demonstrated that as State Chair in Wisconsin if you look at our resolutions and our platform we are very clear on the position of Life.  Personally I believe if I was elected Chair of the RNC that would be something I would have an even bigger obligation to uphold the position I have on abortion.  I think it would be a huge disappointment to God if I didn’t… with bigger responsibility comes bigger obligation.

 Have you found that in your position now that there are concrete ways to involve grassroots pro-lifers in campaigns and resources that could be put behind that type of activity?

 I think there are ways we can be helpful to pro-life groups. … I think that social issues are the fabric of our society and for us to not be involved with those issues causes us to turn our back on what I think is the foundation of America and I would try to do that as Chair of the RNC.

 Have you ever given to a pro-choice organization directly or bundled checks through either or whose organizations. 

 Absolutely not.  Never have.  I oppose using federal funds to assist and of those groups.  I oppose the provision allowing insurance companies and pool to use tax dollars to go towards elective abortions and I also would oppose would oppose federal tax dollars being used for those as well … and I’ve never given to candidates that are pro-choice either. 


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