Letter: Senators Defend Indiana's Law to Defund Planned Parenthood

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Today, a group of 28 U.S. Senators led by Orrin Hatch (R-UT) sent a letter to Donald Berwick, Medicaid Administrator, defending Indiana’s ban on taxpayer funds going to abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood.  The letter outlines how Indiana’s law is consistent with the federal Medicaid statute, and defends the rights of states to manage their own Medicaid programs consistent with the wishes of their constituents.

“These Senators reject the ideologically driven legal argument set forth by Secretary Sebelius and the Obama Administration,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List. “So attached to abortion rights activism and their wealthiest abortion rights advocate and top political ally, Planned Parenthood, they are willing to jeopardize the healthcare of low income women. In enthusiastically backing then-candidate Obama, Planned Parenthood made only its second presidential endorsement in its history. Candidate Obama promised to make Planned Parenthood’s priorities his own, and this is President Obama following through.

“Indiana’s law says tax dollars can’t go to any entity that performs abortions, but benefits remain the same, as does healthcare access.  In fact,  there are approximately 800 provider locations in affected counties that are eligible to provide Medicaid clients with non-abortion services. This letter renews the call for the President and his Administration to stop strong-arming the states.”

The Senators who signed the letter are as follows: Hatch, Grassley, Crapo, Kyl, Lee, DeMint, Paul, Johanns, Blunt, Inhofe, Coats, Risch, Hoeven, Ayotte, Moran, Burr, Graham, Sessions, Heller, Coburn, Roberts, Lugar, Thune, McCain, Corker, Barrasso, Cornyn, and Enzi.   

The letter is available here

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