SEXED – Live Action’s Undercover Investigation into Planned Parenthood’s Sex-ed

In classrooms and advertising across the country, Planned Parenthood styles themselves the “sex experts” for teenagers. So teenagers turn to Planned Parenthood for sex advice and eventually, if they conceive a baby, for a lucrative abortion.

But what exactly is the sex advice Planned Parenthood gives teenagers? Live Action, founded by president Lila Rose, investigated. And what they found was so disturbing they had to include a disclaimer: Warning. The following content is not suitable for children.

Clearly Planned Parenthood think it’s suitable for the children and teenagers they “counsel” in sex-ed classrooms and their clinics across the country. Do you?

Planned Parenthood receives over half a billion taxpayer dollars every year for their “safe-sex” programs, including those targeting children and teenagers. Under Obamacare, an extra $75 million has been set aside for sex-ed programs… and millions is going to Planned Parenthood.

Stand with us to elect pro-life candidates in 2014 who will build a pro-life majority in the Senate to pass laws protecting unborn babies after 20 weeks from abortion and women and teenagers from predatory abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood. 

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