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Stand on Abortion?

Flip-Flops on Forcing Taxpayers to Pay for Abortions

“I can no longer support” the Hyde Amendment

– Joe Biden announces he is changing his position on the Hyde Amendment in June, 2019

After a series of flip-flops in May and June 2019, Biden came out against the Hyde Amendment, even though he voted in favor of legislation protecting Hyde in his days in the U.S. Senate and has said until recently that he believes that the provision would do enough to accommodate for women’s health.

Wants to Enshrine Abortion in Our Laws

Biden calls abortion a “Constitutional Right”

Biden calls abortion a “Constitutional Right”. On his campaign website, Joe Biden calls abortion a “constitutional right,” and promises to reverse all of President Trump’s pro-life policies, including the expanded Mexico City Policy and the Protect Life Rule. He also promises to federally fund Planned Parenthood using Medicaid and Title X dollars.1 He told attendees of a June 2019 Planned Parenthood Forum that he would codify Roe vs. Wade–embedding abortion in our nation’s laws.2

Tell Joe No!

Stand firm in your conviction and refuse to support the extremism of the Biden administration that compromises the sanctity of human life! Speak out against their measures that promote abortion on demand for any reason, even painful abortions in the second and third trimester. Take action before it’s too late!

Tell Joe No!

Supports Abortion Litmus Test

“A litmus test on abortion relates to the fundamental values of the Constitution”

– Joe Biden’s response when asked if he would make support for Roe v. Wade a litmus test for Supreme Court nominees.

Refused to Condemn China's One-Child Policy

“Your policy has been one which I fully understand — I’m not second-guessing — of one child per family”

– Joe Biden speaks to Chinese university students on population control.

Out of Touch with Voters on Abortion

Out of Touch with Voters on Abortion

Biden Support Drops After Voters Learn He Supports Taxpayer Funding for Abortion

A June 2019 poll commissioned by Susan B. Anthony List found that a majority (50%) of voters are less likely to support Joe Biden (35% strongly less likely to support) following his announcement that he supports using tax dollars to pay for abortions after decades of opposing taxpayer funding of abortion. This includes 55% of Independent voters who say they are less likely to support him.
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Rated 100% Pro-Abortion

“We’re pleased that Joe Biden has joined the rest of the 2020 Democratic field in coalescing around the Party’s core values — support for abortion rights”

– Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America

Abortion Business Planned Parenthood (2008): 100% NARAL Pro-Choice America (2006): 100% National Organization for Women (2008): 100%

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