Texas Stands Up to Biden Admin Against Dangerous Abortion Drugs


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AG Paxton Calls Out Washington Dems for Pushing Radical Pro-Abortion Agenda

AUSTIN, TXTexas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services over 2022 guidance that threatens to deny pharmacies Medicaid and Medicare funds or other punitive measures if they do not sell the chemical abortion drugs RU-486, mifepristone and Mifeprex.

Texas argues the guidance was improperly promulgated under the Administrative Procedure Act and is now unconstitutional due to the Dobbs decision, which affirmed the right of the people and elected lawmakers to enact protections for unborn children and women from abortion.

Paxton called out the Biden administration’s pro-abortion extremism in a statement:

“The Biden administration knows that it has no legal authority to institute this radical abortion agenda, so now it’s trying to intimidate every pharmacy in America by threatening to withhold federal funds. It’s not going to work. Texas and several other states across the country have dutifully passed laws to protect the unborn, and we are not going to back down just because unelected bureaucrats in Washington want to create illegal, extremist federal policies.”

SBA Pro-Life America’s Policy Director Katie Glenn praised Paxton’s leadership, saying:

“No one likes a bully, and that’s exactly what the Biden-Harris administration has become in its push to turn every post office and pharmacy in America into an abortion center. Chemical abortion drugs are not just deadly to unborn children, they are four times as dangerous to women as surgical abortion. Yet Democrats in Washington seek to use the full force of the federal government to impose abortion on demand until birth in every state – with flagrant disregard for life, safety and the law – and punish anyone who won’t go along. We thank Attorney General Paxton and our Texas allies for courageously standing with women and children against pro-abortion extremism at every turn.”

Chemical abortion, sometimes called “the abortion pill,” is a two-drug regimen taken up to 70 days (10 weeks) or even later into pregnancy and causes the death of the unborn child. The first drug blocks the natural hormone progesterone, starving the developing baby of hormonal support, while the second drug induces labor to expel the baby from the womb.

Multiple peer-reviewed studiesconfirm that women are at risk of severe side effectsafter taking chemical abortion pills, including hemorrhaging, the need for follow-up surgery, and even death. Studies have found that chemical abortion has four times the complication rate of surgical abortion, and these risks only increase with advanced pregnancy and lack of medical supervision. Peer-reviewed research from Charlotte Lozier Institute has also foundthat after a chemical abortion there is a 53% greater risk for an ER visit for abortion complications than after a surgical abortion.

For more information on the dangers of chemical abortion, visit abortiondrugfacts.com.

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