Virginia Radio Ad Targets State Senator Edd Houck

On November 2, 2011 the Susan B. Anthony List launched a radio (and print and mail) campaign in Virginia to encourage voters in the 17th State Senate district to cast their vote for Republican Bryce Reeves who is challenging incumbent Democrat Edd Houck. The radio ads will air on Virginia radio stations across the district beginning Wednesday, November 2 thru Tuesday, November 8.

The radio ad features the following script:

The facts about State Senator Edd Houck?

The National Abortion Rights Action League gave Houck a 100 percent rating for his pro-abortion voting record.

Houck’s record?

Edd Houck voted against making it a crime to coerce or use force to make a woman have an abortion. Houck voted against making abortion providers have the same level of health standards as a hospital, jeopardizing the health of women. And, Houck even voted three times against requiring abortion clinics to notify parents before an abortion is performed on their teen daughters.  

Edd Houck: A 100 percent pro-abortion voting record, jeopardizing the health of women, threatening unborn life.

We need to make a change. Bryce Reeves: A pro-life champion we can trust to protect unborn life.

On November 8, Bryce Reeves is the right choice for State Senate.

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