Pro-Life Movement Saves One More Child

lil baby

One mother in Vegas nearly lost it all.

It is a little known fact that some abortion procedures can actually be stopped midway, and the child’s life can be saved. This was the case for young mother Jamie Stout who decided to get a late-term abortion. Because she was 20 weeks along the abortion would be a three day process. Luckily, this didn’t discourage her friends, family, and local pro-life advocates from convincing her to change her mind on the issue.

Thanks to their help, Stout changed her mind about the abortion and decided to save her child’s life. Local pro-life advocates found two doctors who were able to reverse the abortion procedure and keep the child, who they have named Claire. Even better, baby Claire is now only a month away from being born, and her mother couldn’t be happier.

“I feel totally excited and completely blessed now, given a second chance,” Stout said. “It was a big wake-up call not only for me but for my family, where we stand with our belief with God, faith and when life begins.”

We couldn’t agree more, Jamie.

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