SBA List Supports Judge Kavanaugh

Today the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List released the following statement in response to questions about the group’s support for Judge Brett Kavanaugh:

“SBA List is proud to continue supporting Judge Kavanaugh and we urge the U.S. Senate to confirm him as soon as possible, with a bipartisan vote. Over the last six weeks, SBA List and the Pro-life Court Coalition have held more than 30 events across seven battleground states rallying local support for Judge Kavanaugh. Grassroots support for him is steady, especially in battlegrounds like Missouri where, sadly, Sen. Claire McCaskill has already decided to betray the will of her constituents and oppose his nomination.

“The worst thing that can ever happen to any woman or man who has been a victim is to shut them down and not listen to them. It seems that Senate Democrats are using the pain of others for their political agenda. We commend Sen. Grassley and his staff for their efforts to navigate this turbulent situation and ensure Dr. Ford has the opportunity to share her story. Judge Kavanaugh should have the opportunity to respond to these and any other claims made against him and we ask the Judiciary Committee to act quickly so that the nomination process can continue.”


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